The Finnish Association for Museum Education Pedaali aims to promote museum pedagogy and support the professional identity and development of museum educators. We take part in the current discussion about education and public engagement in museums and other cultural institutions, organise collaborations, publish bulletins and arrange events.

We arrange social events for our members each month. The theme of each event is influenced by our members’ wishes. The events can include exhibition excursions, lectures, panel discussions or courses. Once a year, we organise a field trip either in Finland or abroad.

The association grants the Pedaali Annual Award in Museum Pedagogy and publishes its own series called Pedafooni. Anyone interested in museum education is welcome to join Pedaali. The members can use our mailing list Pedaaliposti for discussions and bulletins concerning public engagement work.

Pedaali is a member in the following organisations:

NAME — Nordic Associations for Museum Education

InSEA — International Society for Education Through Art

The Association of Cultural Heritage Education in Finland

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