New approaches NOW – from museum education to audience engagement

The publication reflects on public engagement work in museums in the 2010’s. It is a collection of articles presenting different solutions for rethinking the role of museums in society and giving new ideas for developing the functions of museums. The association organised an international seminar on the same subject in May 2015 in Helsinki. The articles discuss various themes that encourage the reader to consider to whom museums belong and for whom museum work is done.  They redefine the border between a museum professional and a museum visitor. As is common in the museum field, they emphasize the wider social role and responsibility museums have alongside their work in cultural heritage preservation. The publication includes a section for case studies which present prime examples of arranging museum work and functions in the Finnish museum field over the years. All cases have received the association’s Annual Award in Museum Pedagogy during 2006–2015. The publication is in English.

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