Annual Award in Museum Pedagogy goes to the Lotta Museum’s "Nostalgiset Naiset" (Nostalgic women) project

Published: 24.5.2016 -- 13:06

Annual Award in Museum Pedagogy goes to the Lotta Museum’s "Nostalgiset Naiset" (Nostalgic women) project

The Finnish Association for Museum Education, Pedaali, has granted this year's Annual Award in Museum Pedagogy to the Lotta Museum’s Nostalgic women project. This is the eleventh time the award has been granted. By giving out the Annual Award in Museum Pedagogy, the Finnish Association for Museum Education wishes to draw attention to exemplary and worthy efforts to promote public engagement with museums and museum education in Finland.  

The Lotta Museum ( ) is a professionally run specialist museum that records and documents the history of the Lotta Svärd organization and studies the volunteer work of women as part of the history of Finland.

In autumn 2015, the Lotta Museum launched the Nostalgic women project in collaboration with the Keuda Vocational College and the Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The project provided students of the two educational institutions with an opportunity to take part in the museum's content production and events work. The project comprised a similarly named blog with workshops and events built around it.

The most important product of the project is the "Nostalgic women" blog, which focuses, in accordance with the themes of the Lotta Museum, on beauty care in the early part of the 20th century, and the materials and ingredients used for the purpose. The project also included workshops coordinated by the Lotta Museum and events planned by students that were intended for the general public. You can view the blog at (the website is in Finnish).

In the view of Pedaali's board, the Nostalgic women project represents a new approach to engaging audiences and a new way of making museums more accessible. Collaboration with educational institutions has helped to make the Lotta Museum more appealing to young audiences, which are considered to be a challenging target group, and the project has also demonstrated that the past is still relevant today. At the same time, the Lotta Museum has been able to present its themes on a contemporary platform, to provide them with a broader context and open them to wider audiences. The project has made the museum, the bachelor of beauty and cosmetics degree programme and cosmetologist sector more widely known.

The award was received by Susanna Koski, Lotta Museum's education and development coordinator, at a ceremony held at Taidekoti Kirpilä in Helsinki on 17 May 2016. This year's award was a plate designed by Veera Tamminen.

In addition to its annual award, Pedaali also gave an honorary mention to the Säätöä method guide, jointly prepared by the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Theatre Museum. The guide details concrete tools that help museums to cater for the needs of audiences with sense-related problems when they have exhibitions and engage the public. The publication is available in Finnish in pdf format at /julkaisut/verkkojulkaisut/saatoa-menetelmaopas/.

Anybody can put forward a candidate for the Annual Award in Museum Pedagogy and the winner is selected by the association's board. This year’s candidates were as follows:

The river exhibition (Vantaa City Museum); Christmas time activities at the National Museum; leisure time workshop at Kylämäki Village; Concrete memories (The Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä, Elämää käsillä project of Eläkeliitto Pensioners' Association and Uudenmaan Muistiluotsi); My maritime museum (Forum Marinum Maritime Centre); Me and portraits - Making arts history in Keuruu better known (Keuruu Museum); Nostalgic women (Lotta Museum, Keuda Vocational College and Laurea University of Applied Sciences); Riihimäki Art Museum and Curator Tanja Pääskynen; Säätöä method guide (Theatre Museum and Alvar Aalto Museum); Swedish and English versions of the Magic Carpet of Technology Tales (Museum of Technology); and the events held as part of the opening of Vantaa Art Museum.

The Annual Award in Museum Pedagogy was granted for the eleventh time. Previous winners are:

2015 Adopt a monument (Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum)

2014 The circus horses are under the weather – a pedagogical conservation project (The Kerava Art Museum and the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences)

2013 Open Museum – a developing learning environment for adults (the Finnish Museums Association, CICERO Learning network/University of Helsinki, Museum of Technology, the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, the educational unit of Tampere museums TAITE, Pori Art Museum and Satakunta Museum)

2012 Art leaves a trace (Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum, Turku Municipal Social Services and Health Care Department, and the Finnish Work Environment Fund)

2011 Outi Korhonen, regional artist of the Arts Council of Uusimaa, multiculturalism

2010 TAITE-unit of the Tampere City museum services

2009 Kulttuuriluotsi-action in Jyväskylä

2008 Museologia tänään/Museology today publication (editor Pauliina Kinanen, published by the Finnish Museums Association)

2007 Heljä Järnefelt of the Finnish National Board of Education

2006 Kulttuuripolku (Culture Path) team of City of Turku Education Department

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