The Finnish Association for Museum Education, Pedaali, was established on 1 March 2005. The purpose of the association is to promote museum education. The goal is to provide information on the overall importance of museum and art education. Museum education is part of the museums' vital tasks of audience development and art education and is intended to promote cultural democracy and accessibility.

Museum education as a profession is quite new, and the field has until now remained unorganised. The association seeks to reinforce the identity of museum education as a profession and increase its appreciation by assisting its members to network and by improving the expertise and training opportunities in the field. The goal of the association is to function as a forum for active and future museum educators, provide training, and work actively in the field to promote museum education. 

Anyone interested in museum education can become a member of Pedaali. At the moment we have approximately 180 members. Our member mailing list enables you to reach people in the field and receive information on the association's activities and events. In meetings and events organized by Pedaali the members have the opportunity to network, meet other professionals and visit museums and other interesting locations. All board meetings are also open to members.

Pedaali is the member in the following organisations:

NAME — Nordic Associations for Museum Education

InSEA — International Society for Education Through Art